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Fully Automatic Banana Chips Making Machine

This fully automatic banana chips making machine is specially designed for making delicious slice banana chips from plantains or bananas. Apart from making banana chips, you can also make potato chips, sweet potato chips or cassava chips (remove the washing peeling machine). Here are several production capacities for your selection, such as 100-150kg/h, 200-300kg/h and 300-500kg/h at output level. The production capacities of fully automatic banana chips making machine can be customized, suitable for small or large output, high degree automation, saving energy and labor.

Introduction of Automatic Banana Chips Making Machine Project

01. This is fully automatic banana chips production line which can make sliced chips from plantain or banana.

02.  All the machines of fully automatic banana chips production line are made of stainless steel 304 material.

03. Electricity power requirement is 380V, 50Hz, three-phase.

04. Blanching and frying temperature are adjustable according to your banana/potato chips condition.

05. This banana chips making machine project can also be used to produce potato chips, bananas chips, taro chips, yam chips, etc.

Process Flow of Banana Chips Production


Washing & De watering

Removing the surface starch and scraps/fines from plantain and banana slices before they enter the fryer will increase production uptime as it helps to ensure the fryer is running at optimal capacity. All washers are designed to separate slices, eliminate clusters, and feed a mono-layer of slices across the width of the fryer for uniform cooking.



We provide more choices when it comes to selecting a new fryer. Choose from natural gas, oil, steam, thermal fluid or electric heating. Optimal product handling, uniform oil heating and flow control, efficient fines removal, fast oil turnover, and clean-in-place sanitation are all part of the fryer package that produces the highest quality product with a long shelf life.


Fryer Support Module

Significantly reduce the time and cost of fryer system installation by centralizing oil pumps, filters, valves, piping, and other components on a Fryer Support Module.


Oil Filtration

Remove particulate material from the frying oil to preserve oil quality and to help prevent spoiling of the end-product.


Oil Heating

Our cooking oil heating and energy recovery systems are designed to provide high energy efficiency, preserve the quality of the cooking oil, and maintain accurate temperature control for uniform cooking.


Oil Cooling

Save time by managing the cooking oil cooling process as you prepare the fryer for shut-down or sanitation. This also helps preserve cooking oil quality.


Oil Storage

Safely transfer and store cooking oil during system cleaning or maintenance while preventing spoilage or solidification.


Product Cooling

Control the end of the cooking cycle by effectively managing the temperature of your cooked product. This ensures high quality as well as prepares it for the next stage of your process, such as seasoning or packaging..



Our unbeatable seasoning showcase includes a variety of systems that provide consistent and uniform seasoning coverage for all kinds of snack foods.



Our conveying and product handling systems include product transfer systems, horizontal motion conveyors, and accumulation systems that provide a gentle, smart, and dependable product transfer solution.



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Anywhere along the line, protect your consumer and your equipment. Efficient detection of foreign objects is critical to consumer safety, brand survival, and will also protect machinery and prevent downtime. Package seal integrity and correct weight ensures the consumer gets what they expect. We offer a complete line of metal detectors, check weighers, seal checkers, and X-ray inspection systems.


Support Structures

We design customized modular platforms and support structures that dramatically reduce time and cost of equipment installation. All support structures are designed with hygiene and safety in mind.


Controls & Information

Rely on the same company that designs and builds the processing line to also supply operating and data management controls and information tools. We provide user-friendly controls systems that focus on achieving automation efficiency.