Post-Harvest Handling


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We design solutions for the transport of your products.

Complete installation of the cable way system

We have the equipment and personnel for the installation of the cable way system. Our national and international experiences in Latin American and African Countries have given us the knowledge and expertise to assist you in the design, construction and implementation of you projects.

Our cable way systems are made up of high carbon cable lines, supported by towers with constant separation, calculated according to the required load capacity, and interconnected with metal structures according to the traffic flow required in the crop.

On the cables, there are trolleys, which are the mobile element that travels on the cable, transporting the harvest efficiently and safely. Cableways (aerial cables) are economical, practical and easy-to-maintain systems that optimize the use of spaceto convey and handle agricultural harvest inside plantations.



 Quick installation, Ease of use, operation and handling.


High adaptability to the terrain and Efficient use of land.


Great flexibility for different applications and Low environmental impact.


 Improves the quality of life of the collaborators of the crop/plantation.


 Quick return on initial investment.

Cable way success stories

Our cable way systems have been installed and used to convey and handling different harvests, including Banana and plantain plantations, Flower crops, Oil palm agribusiness, Intensive fattening (stabled livestock): cut grass, Avocados, Citrus crops, Pisciculture, Construction material.

• Steel cable

• Cable diameter 11.11 mm

Tractor with Diesel motors

Automatic transport for products such as bunches of bananas, palm, pastures, ornamental plants and other, from the field to the packing plant.


Packing is the last phase of the packaging. It must therefore guarantee absolute respect for the fruit or vegetable. Depending on the organization and the equipment installed on the line, considerable manpower and performance gains can be envisaged at this stage of packaging.

From bulk produce to bedded produce, each fruit and vegetable has its specific packing characteristics.

Our company is capable of proposing the best-suited solutions for the delicate handling of fruits and vegetables when packing, through to the complete automation of this stage.